[News] Rain sues Australian "World Tour" agents.

[News] Rain sues Australian "World Tour" agents. 
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Singer Rain is currently in a legal argument with the Australian agency responsible for a concert regarding down payment.

The Seoul Central Court revealed that World Made Star M claimed for guarantee that wasn't paid up yet.

The justice department said, "M company claims that World Made Star M didn't support with the necessary human resource and didn't cooperate in the preparations while preparing for a concert in Australia. However, it seems like WMSM has been cooperating with M company as they requested".

"There is no proof to support M's statement and M needs to pay up 280 million won".

M planned a concert in Australia in 2007 and World Made Star M had been given the concert rights from JYP Entertainment in which Rain was a part of then but neglected the preparations resulting in a 260 million won loss, as claimed.

World Made Star M claimed 280 million won from 400 million won in total of the guarantee wasn't paid and countercharged M company.

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