[News] So Ji Sub releases a music video of “Six O’clock…Schoolyard”.

[News] So Ji Sub releases a music video of “Six O’clock…Schoolyard”.
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The music video of “Picnic,” a track from So Ji Sub’s new EP, Six O’clock…Schooyard, was recently released.

So is planning to release the second EP, Six O’clock…Schoolyard, which contains a total of four songs, in January. He released the first one, Corona Borealis, last year. After releasing “Picnic,” the first track from the EP, on January 16, he released a music video of the song on the next day.

The music video features So as a rapper with emotive rapping and Yoon Ha, who was featured in the song as a vocalist. The song’s sad feeling is presented in the music video well.

The music video starts with a scene of So in a black suit whispering to someone in a room where curtains are fluttering in the wind. Yoon Ha in a white and pink dress soon appears and expresses her sad feeling, showing off a lovely look.

When the song was released on January 16, it immediately ranked in the top ten of all online charts and received many favorable reviews.

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