[Photo & News] The Cast of ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ Fight Off the Cold.

[Photo & News] The Cast of ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ Fight Off the Cold. 
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With less than a week until its premiere and temperatures dropping every single day, the cast of tvN’s Flower Boys Next Door are going through a physical and mental battle against the cold.

On January 2, Oh Boy Project tweeted, “Even in the cold wave of negative nine degrees celcius, the filming for Flower Boys Next Door continues! It’s cold just looking at the pictures.

The photos revealed the main cast of the upcoming drama.
Park Shin Hye had herself wrapped up in several blankets and jackets, while Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Yoon Hae huddled around the portable furnace and held a small heating pack in their hands.

Kim Ji Hoon seemed to have mentally lost it, in the cold, sitting in his chair and probably wondering what he’s doing in the middle of cold. The same could be said about Park Soo Jin, who stares at her Thermos mug, perhaps searching for something warm somewhere.

Flower Boys Next Door is about a girl, rarely goes outside of her house. Instead, she spies on her handsome neighbors to find excitement in life.

The drama will premiere on January 7.

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