[Exclusive] Park Si Hoo Enlists Leading Law Firm in Rape Case.

[Exclusive] Park Si Hoo Enlists Leading Law Firm in Rape Case. 
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Actor Park Si Hoo, who is currently under investigation for allegedly raping a 22-year-old aspiring celebrity, has appointed a lawyer from a leading law firm to defend him.

A law official told eNEWS, “Park Si Hoo recently asked a major law firm to defend him in the rape case he is currently embroiled in.”

An affiliate of the law firm, who met with an eNEWS reporter, said “It’s correct that we were asked to defend the case.” The affiliate remained mum, saying, “However, I can’t anything about the situation right now.”

The law firm representing Park Si Hoo is one of the top major law firms in the legal marget. It recently dove into the entertainment world to offer its legal consulting services.

The fact that Park Si Hoo has selected a leading law firm in Korea to represent him can be interpreted as his willing to do whatever it takes to set things straight and save his reputation.

The lawyer representing Park Si Hoo is known to be a talented individual when it comes to investigative action as well as criminal trial cases and is expected to act as a reinforcement for Park Si Woo, who is currently knee deep in hot water.

As a professional with accumulated experience, he will be in charge of the course of action prior to Park Si Hoo’s police questioning.

Park Si Hoo will be questioned at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on February 24. A source close to Park Si Hoo said on February 22, “Please refrain from speculating and misconstruing the case before the police question and makes its official statement.”

Park Si Hoo is under investigation for allegedly raping an aspiring celebrity he met through a celebrity acquaintance on February 15. It was revealed on February 22 that another 24-year-old male actor, who is Park Si Hoo’s junior, has also been implicated and charged by the victim for his involvement in the rape case. 

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