[News] Ethan Ruan proposed to Tiffany Hsu in public?

[News] Ethan Ruan proposed to Tiffany Hsu in public?
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On Monday morning, Taiwanese modeling agency and management company Catwalk Production House held a prayer ceremony to start work after the Chinese New Year holiday. Taiwanese celebrity couple Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu attended the event along with other Catwalk artistes, where the actor ‘popped the question’ after reporters pressed him on marriage plans.

Responding to the claims at the event, Ethan turned to Tiffany and asked “Do you want to get married?”, leaving the actress in shock. Quickly recovering from the ‘sudden proposal’, she ranted that the question made her “break out in cold sweat”.

Contradictory to earlier media reports which stated that Ethan “promised” to marry Tiffany next year, the actor said in a separate interview that he is “still young” and plans to focus on his career at the moment. As a result of his recent statement, some have suggested that the 30-year-old is trying to “delay marriage”.

Emphasising that they are both caught up with work right now, Ethan later explained that “the timing is not right yet” and added, “It’s not about whether I propose or whether she wants to get married.”

“I need to be sure before I propose. It’d be embarrassing if the proposal fails,” he laughed.

Similarly, Tiffany maintained that she is not in a hurry to get married and echoed her boyfriend’s words, saying, “I’m still young too.”

When asked on the establishment of his own management company, Ethan let on that the new set-up would mainly deal with his movie career developments while Catwalk will continue to manage his commercial and modeling jobs.

Other than Ethan and Tiffany, local celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, who recently joined her husband in contracting with Catwalk, also made an appearance at the event.

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