[News] Lin Gengxin May Not Appear in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”.

[News] Lin Gengxin May Not Appear in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”.
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Not all stars will be returning for the Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> sequel after all.

Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, an indirect sequel to the hit mainland Chinese television drama Bu Bu Jing Xin, is currently in production. As confirmed by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, original stars Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗) and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) will be returning to the sequel. However, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), who found fame in China through his portrayal as the eighth prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin, declined to star due to other filming obligations. Nonetheless, the Ip Man <葉問> television actor did not rule out a possibility for a cameo appearance.

Besides Kevin, Bu Bu Jing Xin’s other big breakout star, fourteenth prince Lin Gengxin (林更新), may also not appear in the sequel.

Conflicts with Management?

As reported by mainland Chinese sources, Gengxin was rumored to have been embroiled in a conflict with his management company Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, also the production company of Bu Bu Jing Xin. In a press conference and function for the GUESS brand in a Nanjing shopping mall yesterday afternoon, Gengxin immediately dispelled the rumor and said, “I’ve heard of the rumors, but aren’t I working now?”
As much of the original cast members were said to return in the sequel, many fans assumed that Gengxin would also be coming back. However, the 24-year-old actor expressed that he has not received a script of Bu Bu Jing Qing yet. “I never read the storyboards, nor did I receive the script. I really don’t know if I will be filming it. If I am cast, I am very happy to be able to work with my old friends again.”

But Gengxin does not seem too worried about the possibility of being benched from the sequel. The actor is currently starring as the second male lead in Ruby Lin’s (林心如) latest drama, Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走>, and will be playing a significant role in Tsui Hark’s (徐克) upcoming action film, Detective Dee the Prequel<狄仁傑前傳>.

“I’m very lucky. This road is not hard to walk on. My first few years [as an actor] had been very difficult, but now I have opportunities, and they helped me overcome some obstacles. In the past, I never had the chance to play first male lead roles, but now I have directors casting me as such!”

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