[News] Myanmar welcomes Jung Il-woo.

[News] Myanmar welcomes Jung Il-woo.
Cr. - Joongang Ilbo

Jung Il-woo, the current model for the cosmetics brand Holika Holika, landed at Yangon International Airport last Friday with a cordial welcome from enthusiastic fans in Myanmar and also those who hail from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The actor wanted to have a memorable event in order to get closer to his fans.

Jung was set to have an autograph-signing session, but he decided instead to take photos with each of the specially selected audience members at Western Park Royal in Yangon.

“The application period for this event ended in less than five minutes,” the organizer said.

Due to the crowds pouring in to see him, it was difficult for Jung to move from one place to another after the event.

“I really appreciate his thoughtfulness in showing sincerity toward the fans who have waited a long time to see him,” the organizer said.

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