[News] Park Min Young gives a sweet wink.

[News] Park Min Young gives a sweet wink.
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Actress Park Min Young recently showed off a sweet wink.

Park recently did a photo shoot for the women’s clothing brand Compagna for its spring and summer collection. Under the concept of Shining Moment, she shows off a feminine look that melts men’s hearts in the pictorial.

Along with the trendy colors for the spring and summer season of 2013 and floral, geometric patterns of Compagna’s new items, Park shows off an attractive look.

Through the pictorial, Park also shows off a classic, feminine, natural, lovely look. She shows off her clean, white skin, wearing a fedora, and giving a sweet, lovely wink.

People who saw the pictorial responded: “Park Min Young’s white baby skin is so shining.” “Park Min Young’s lovely wink melts my heart.” “Spring is coming.” “She looks so innocent.”

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