[News] Park Si Hoo Case is Taken to the National Forensic Service.

[News] Park Si Hoo Case is Taken to the National Forensic Service.
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In the course of their investigation in Park Si Hoo′s alleged rape case, police have taken the accuser′s gynecological information as well as her hair, blood and urine to be evaluated by the National Forensic Service.

The act is standard procedure for every rape case brought to police, but the reason it draws much interest is because security camera videos showed the accuser walking normally out of the bar, yet when she arrived at Park Si Hoo′s home, where she was allegedly raped, she is taken inside on Park Si Hoo′s back. This discrepancy brings up the possibility that drugs had been used on the woman.

A rep from the Seobu Police Agency told enews on February 21, "We have taken some material to the National Forensic Service. They didn′t give a specific date on when the results will come out, but we asked them to be as quick as possible."

Police have emphsized it is still early to reach any conclusions on the truth behind the case.

The rep added, "It′s hard to discern whether a victim was raped or not merely through the reports from the National Forensic Service. Only after the investigation runs its course from many different directions will we get to the bottom of the case."

Park Si Hoo was charged for allegedly raping an aspiring celebrity on February 15. The accuser called the One Stop Service Center, and recently received check-ups as well as treatment from a local gynecologist.

The Seobu Police Agency has asked Park Si Hoo to attend a questioning on February 24.

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