[News] Yoo Seung Ho Sheds Tears After Phone Call with Parents.

[News] Yoo Seung Ho Sheds Tears After Phone Call with Parents. 
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While he confidently marched into the army in secret, Yoo Seung Ho proved that he still missed his parents.

On March 23, Yoo Seung Ho left a message on the Division 27 Recruit Training Center’s main blog.

He wrote about his day and how much he enjoyed the special hamburger that only comes out in the military during lunch. 

“Dining hours are my happiest times of the day,” wrote Yoo Seung Ho, continuing to describe his daily routine such as making his bed and doing the laundry. He wrote that he also received a tetanus shot.

“While I was writing in my journal, our squadron was given the permission to use the phone. The battalion commander told us to call our worrying parents, who didn’t receive any e-mails from us in the past few days,” explained Yoo Seung Ho, as he finally talked to his parents. But before he knew it, the three minutes were up.

“I didn’t realize just how short three minutes were. I wanted to cry right then, but I held it in and kept talking to them. After I hung up, I ended up crying. I wanted to hold it in, but couldn’t. It was the happiest three minutes of my life.”

Yoo Seung Ho enlisted in the military in secret on March 5.

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