[Photo & News] Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong Star in Adaptation of “Hua Xu Yin”.

Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong Star in Adaptation of “Hua Xu Yin” thumbnail

[Photo & News] Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong Star in Adaptation of “Hua Xu Yin”.
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When Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) turned down filming Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 < 步步驚心>, fans were extremely disappointed. He had cited that he will be filming a new drama and unable to participate in the highly anticipated sequel. Kevin’s new drama will be an adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi’s (唐七公子) Hua Xu Yin (华胥引), in which Kevin will portray the male lead, Mu Yan (苏慕).

The drama will also see the reunion of Kevin with Bu Bu Jing Xin’s <步步惊心> thirteenth prince, Yuan Hong (袁弘). The lead role of the princess will be played by Chinese actress, Jiang Xin (蒋欣). It is estimated that the drama will take 2 months of filming.

Early Criticisms for TV Adaptation

Chinese novelist, Tang Qi Gong Zi is famed for his fantasy romance novels, spinning the tales of love in mythical ancient times. It is no surprise then that there have been film and drama adaptations of his novels as his prose has won him a large fan base.

When characters stills of the drama adaptation for Hua Xu Yin were leaked, criticisms came in fast and furious from Tang Qi Gong Zi’s fans. There were fans who were disappointed that the styling of the characters were conspicuously wrong, pinpointing even the hairstyles. There were also those who were dismayed at the choice of cast, particularly, Kevin Cheng as the suave and outstanding Mu Yan.

Hua Xu Yin tells the story of a princess of a fallen kingdom who died to show her loyalty to her kingdom. An immortal resurrected her with the help of the Aqua Tear Pearl. She utilizes the power from the Pearl to help create dreams for people in exchange for their lives. In each dream, a story is spun. Every story ends up tragically and therein lies the heartbreaking beauty of the novel.

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