[News] Andy Lau’s Spy Thriller “Switch” Arriving in Theaters Soon.


[News] Andy Lau’s Spy Thriller “Switch” Arriving in Theaters Soon.
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Initially set to open in cinemas last October in conjunction with China’s National Day, 3D action film, Andy Lau’s (刘德华) Switch <天机·富春山居图> had to defer its release date due to failure to meet China’s rigid censorship guidelines. The release of the latest trailer yesterday indicates the film will finally be released this year.

In its first cut, Switch was cited as missing music and breaching the country’s security. When it was finally approved, it was alleged that Andy did not like the special effects and re-filming had to be done.

Switch tells the story of how a top Chinese agent (Andy Lau) had to battle a multi-national organization to recover the country’s stolen national treasure – the “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” painting. The film stars Chiling Lin (林志玲), Zhang Jingchu (张静初) and Tong Dawei (佟大为) and is a collaboration between 4 major studios – China Film Company, Pegasus Entertainment, Media Asia Film Production and Phoenix Satellite Television.

In the newly released 100-second trailer of Switch, each frame is filled with tension and urgency. Switch  was filmed at international locations and boasts impressive action stunts. Towards the end of the trailer, viewers can also see how technology is infused into the film when the electronic screen Andy was using transformed into the 691.3 cm painting, thus combining the use of technology with antiquated aesthetics.

Director Jay Sun (孙健君) said of the clip, “The trailer is the visual refinement and amplification of the movie. The movie is filled with espionage action and the subject matter is the recovery of the art piece.”

Though Jay Sun has almost 18 years of directing experience, Switch is his first foray into film. The theme of espionage is often featured in Hollywood movies, but it is hardly seen in Chinese movies, which is what prompted Jay to the challenge. “Switch is not a run of the mill spy movie. When you think of spy movies, naturally you will think of James Bond or The Bourne Legacy. We don’t want viewers to see this as another action-packed movie that is common in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Switch is a combination of all that – the movie is packed with action which includes suspenseful spy wars and a little love story thrown in.”

Switch was produced on a budget of 160 million RMB, one of the largest for an Asian modern action film. To assist filming, an international team was brought on board.  Chuck Comisky, who had worked closely with Avatar director, James Cameron, was hired as the 3D visual effects supervisor.

Andy Lau said, “On the first day of filming, I already knew this is a modern action movie revolving around the theme of espionage. Because this is a relatively new theme in Chinese cinema, the progress naturally took us longer.  Thankfully, we had a very creative international backstage team. Through the process, we believe we have propelled the Chinese entertainment industry to new heights.” With the rapid advancement of the Chinese cinematography techniques, Andy believed Switch will not disappoint viewers.

Switch, which was filmed in six cities in four countries, including Hangzhou, Fuyang, Taipei, Tokyo, Milan and Dubai, will be released in 3D in cinemas soon.

“Switch” Trailer

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