[News] Ethan Ruan launches Tian Liang.


[News] Ethan Ruan launches Tian Liang.
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10 Mar – After much speculation, Ethan Ruan has finally announced the formation of his new artiste management label, Tian Liang.

According to Groove Asia website, the actor held a press conference to announce the establishment of Tian Liang on 6 March, the management company that he shares with Taiwanese director Doze Niu and Taiwan filmmaker Lee Lieh – who were also present at the press conference.

The idea of Tian Liang was revealed to be sparked by the three close friends after working together on Doze Niu's movie "Monga".

Ethan revealed, "Doze and Lee Lieh used to be at loggerheads during the filming of "Monga" because Doze, the perfectionist that he is, took his time to film the movie to ensure the quality of the film. But Lee Lieh, who was the producer, kept rushing him to stick with the schedule. I often had to act as their middleman."

To this, Doze explained, "We were working with each other for the first time and our tempo was different".

He also added that Ethan has matured in his performance and is more humble from when he first debuted.

Meanwhile, Ethan's mother, brother and colleagues turned up at the press conference to congratulate him but girlfriend Tiffany Hsu was nowhere to be seen.
Asked about her absence, Ethan explained that he prefers some time alone during his work since they see each other quite often.

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