[News] ′The Gift of Room 7′ is Sold to Overseas Asian Countries.


[News] ′The Gift of Room 7′ is Sold to Overseas Asian Countries. 
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The Gift of Room 7 is all set to blow through Asia.

NEW, the film′s distribution company, announced on March 18 that "The Gift of Room 7 has been exported to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian countries."

Comstock Group purchased the distribution rights for Japan, Intercontinental Films Distributors will be in charge of Hong Kong and Macao, JoyNContents took over the rights for Thailand and Flash Forward Entertainment will be distributing the film in Taiwan.

The Gift of Room 7 was first showcased overseas in February at the Berlin International Film Festival.

A rep from NEW said, "Flash Forward Entertainment rep Patrick Mao Huang said the film was very touching, and that it was like I Am Sam, Green Mile and Life Is Beautiful all in one. He said that he feels Taiwanese audiences will also be touched by the father-child relationship in the film and the plans of the ′Room 7 Family.′"

International Films Distributors, which previously took Architecture 101 and Love Fiction to Hong Kong, decided to purchase rights for the film after an unanimous agreement by the marketing team following a company preview.

The Gift of Room 7 has been screening in L.A. since March 8, and more countries such as Australia, China, Singapore and Malaysia have shown interest in the film.

The film premiered in Korea on January 23, and has since gathered a 12,500,000 audience.

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