[News] “The Horse Healer” Aired Its Last Episode and Ends In Second Place.


[News] “The Horse Healer” Aired Its Last Episode and Ends In Second Place.
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MBC's “The Horse Healer” finished its successful run, but sadly took the second place, by only 0.2% of difference with “Yawang's” score.

On March 25th, “The Horse Healer” scored 17.8% in their last episode, which was a 1.5% less than last week's record of 19.3%.

On this night, the drama had a happy ending, as Baek Kwang Hyun (Jo Seung Woo) and Kang Ji Nyung (Lee Yo Won) were able to finally marry. They became husband and wife in front of all of their friends and supporters. Baek Kwang Hyun promised to never let of goof Kang Ji Nyung's hand. He also earned the Queen's trust and she helped him become a royal physician, and after time he became the governor of Geumcheon, with his wife next to his side to help him.

SBS' “Yawang” came on first place, despite being the finale of “The Horse Healer” which was very loved by the public. The drama recorded a 18%, which is 0.6% less than last week's score of 18.6%.

On this night, Jo Da Hae is more and more close of her final objective of becoming the First Lady of the nation. Ha Ryu tries his best to stop her dreams, however he is unable to do so. Also Baek Chang Hak (Lee Duk Hwa) and his sister Baek Ji Mi (Cha Hwa Yeon) finally confronted each other over the death of Baek Ji Mi's husband.

KBS' “Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek.” recorded a 3.6 which is 1% less than last week. The drama have not been able to raise its ratings since last week, even thought the drama will come to an end on the next day.

As “Yawang's” immediate competition is no longer there, is expected that the drama will be able to reach the 20% as the drama will come to a conclusion in the next two weeks. Will viewers be able to finally see the end of Joo Da Hae for once and for all?

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