[News] Kim Hye Soo becomes a female matador for ‘The Queen of Office’.

[News] Kim Hye Soo becomes a female matador for ‘The Queen of Office’.
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Upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘The Queen of Office’ is currently in the midst of filming, and the production team has offered a sneak peak of the drama with the release of some photos on March 14th of its female lead Kim Hye Soo dressed up as a female matador.

‘The Queen of Office’ will make its debut next month (April), where Kim Hye Soo plays the role of the mysterious Ms Kim who is an extraordinary temporary worker that even her superiors can’t do anything to her. Her matador outfit in the released photos have drawn much attention.

In the photos, Kim Hye Soo is sporting a flaming red matador outfit that’s normally seen in Spain bullfighting circle, as she is seen with a beaming smile towards kids that hailed from Spain. Her fair white skin was a sharp contrast to the brightly coloured red matador jacket that she was sporting, as she looked extra stylish with the bullfighting fashion. Her warmth gaze and smile towards the kids also warmed the hearts of those who viewed the photos.

At the film set, Kim Hye Soo was able to converse in Spanish with the kids, and her fluency in Spanish led to many feeling envious of her ability to do so. To reprise her role as Ms Kim to perfection, Kim Hye Soo had taken to learning Spanish on her own, showing her passion towards her new drama.

Kim Hye Soo expressed, “I wanted to show the Spanish flair and culture as best as I could, and I believe this will aid greatly in producing a good drama.”
‘The Queen of Office’ will succeed ‘Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek’ and begin airing from April 1st.

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