[Photo & News] Kim Tae Hee Seems Like She Can't Keep Her Eyes off Her Scrips.

[Photo & News] Kim Tae Hee Seems Like She Can't Keep Her Eyes off Her Scrips.
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Actress Kim Tae Hee shows her concentrated look in new picture.

Recently, the production team of the SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung” revealed a picture of the actress while she was going thought her scrips once more.

In the picture, the actress is seated on the floor, wearing a pretty green-and-purple hanbok, with her hair perfectly braided. She looks so beautiful in a hanbok, while she is really concentrated on reading her scripts. Next to the script, there is a book and a feather pen, as it seems she will film a scene where she has write.

According to an insider of the drama, the actress is always with her scripts by her side. Even on break time, Kim Tae Hee is rehearsing her lines. Her constant interest and passion for the drama, have many of the staffs impressed.

It is understandable, that she is so passionate about this role, as she has a big challenge ahead of her, because many actresses have portrayed the role she is currently doing. Kim Tae Hee will have to show that her acting skills are equal to and surpassed the previous portrayals. It is practically the role who will make one of the greatest actresses, or make her career plum.

Netizens who sae the picture said, "She looks so beautiful in a hanbok." "I can't keep my eyes of her." "I can't wait to see her." "The drama is starting soon." "fighting Kim Tae Hee" and more.

Her challenge will commence on April 8th, as SBS launches the first episode of “Jang Ok Jung” where the actress, and Yoo An In have the leading roles.

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