[News] 'Lee Soon Shin is the Best' with Highest Ratings.


[News] 'Lee Soon Shin is the Best' with Highest Ratings.
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KBS’ You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin continues to rise with each episode. The drama recorded 26.2 percent on Sunday night, topping its best number so far of 25.2 percent from March 17.

IU’s crying scene was especially noteworthy as she lamented over her father’s sudden death, believing that it was her fault.

Meanwhile, KBS Gag Concert faced another decrease, the first time it’s gone below 15 percent in 18 months.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


8:00 PM

1. KBS You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin 22.3

10:00 PM

1. MBC One Hundred Years’ Legacy 20.2
2. SBS Incarnation of Money 16.4

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