[News] Museum Celebrating Im Kwon-taek to Open.

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Museum Celebrating Im Kwon-taek to Open 03.20.2013
Reporter : Lee Hye JiEditor : Nemo Kim

A poster of `Chihwaseon` by Korean director Im Kwon-taek. [Taehung Pictures]
A poster of "Chihwaseon" by Korean director Im Kwon-taek. [Taehung Pictures]

[News] Museum Celebrating Im Kwon-taek to Open.
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A museum devoted to highlighting the cinematic world of Korean director Im Kwon-taek is to open in Haeundae, Busan.

Dongseo University announced that it will open the Im Kwontaek Museum in its Centum Campus in Haeundae.

The museum will be on the second floor of the university's Centum Campus building, taking up some 340㎡. It will consist of six different spaces focusing on different phases in director Im's career from the 1960's to the present.

The different phases highlighted will be his childhood, youth, the beginning of his directorial career and the period where he started making films based on his unique world view.

The period when Im started having success with "Son of the General" and "Sopyonje" and the period in the 21st Century when he inspired many around the world through his life and films will also be highlighted.

There will also be a special exhibit area which will hold temporary exhibitions under different themes on a seasonal basis. In the permanent section, posters, footage of Im's films, still photography as well as other film-related materials will be on display so that visitors can gain an insight into Im's films and views on the world.

There will also be original scripts of Im's films, original novels on which some of his films were based as well as press cutting s related to his films.

Film sets of "Son of the General" as well as "Chihwaseon", winner the Best Director's Award at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2002 will also make up a part of the museum.

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