[News] “Queen of Ambition” Finally Defeats “The Horse Doctor”.

Actor Kwon Sang-woo on the set of the SBS series "Queen of Ambition." [SBS]

[News] “Queen of Ambition” Finally Defeats “The Horse Doctor”.
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The SBS series “Queen of Ambition” took the crown on the Monday and Tuesday ratings chart, edging out the MBC drama “The Horse Doctor” after ten weeks.

The revenge story grabbed its first throne on the chart after pulling in an average of 18.3 percent of viewers during the week of March 18 and 19, TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistics] showed on Wednesday.

The 24-episode drama is reaching its climax as Da-hae’s [Soo Ae] final target Tae-il [Jung Ho-bin] began to run for Presidency, which will complete her last goal to be the First Lady, while Hallyu [Kwone Sang-woo] teamed up with Do-hoon’s [U-Know Yunho] father to get back at her.

Showing a drop of 1.3 percent from last week, the MBC period-set drama “The Horse Doctor” failed to secure its long-term hold on the top spot after posting an average of 18.0 percent ratings.

At the bottom of the chart is the KBS drama “AD Genius Lee Tae Baek,” which nabbed an average of 4.0 percent of viewers in the same time frame.

Meanwhile, Nielsen Korea showed the three dramas in the different order and figures from those of TNmS’ during the third week of March.

“The Horse Doctor” secured the No. 1 status with 18.9 percent ratings with “Queen of Ambition” and “AD Genius” following next with 18.2 and 3.9 percent, respectively.

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