[News] Jeonju Film Fest Selects 10 Korean Films of Originality.

A poster of the 2013 Jeonju International Film Festival. [JIFF]
A poster of the 2013 Jeonju International Film Festival. [JIFF]

[News] Jeonju Film Fest Selects 10 Korean Films of Originality.
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The upcoming 2013 Jeonju International Film Festival [JIFF] has announced 10 shortlisted Korean films in the Korean Features Competition section.

The event which is due to have its 14th edition announced on March 15 that a list of 10 films, of which there are 7 feature films and 3 documentaries, have been shortlisted for the Korean Film Competition, one of the three official competition sections of the festival.

The number of entries saw a drop of two compared to last year at 102 and the festival’s chief programmer Kim Young-jin explained that the jury focused on selecting films with a sense of originality.

The director of one of the shortlisted films, Lee Hyonjong of "Secret Paradise, Yongmun," told TenAsia English that she was ecstatic at the prospect of taking part in the event, adding "it's such an honor to have one's film screened at JIFF, let alone have the wonderful chance to compete with so many great films."

Last year the event introduced a variety of Korean films including director Lee Sang-woo's "Fire in Hell," Leesong Hee-il's "White Night" and Jang Kun-jae's "Sleepless Night," which scooped up two trophies at the festival, namely the JJ-Star Award and the JIFF Audience Award.

JIFF, considered as one of the three major film festivals in Korea, showcases alternative and independent films in the city of Jeonju. The festival, which will also feature short films and various cultural events, is to open from April 25 to May 3 this year.

List of Final Films in the Korean Film Competition section of the 2013 Jeonju International Film Festival (in alphabetical order)

- “51+” (Jeong Yong-taek, 2013)
- “Cheer Up Mr. Lee” (Lee Byung-hun, 2012)
- “Dancing Woman” (Park Seon-il, Park Joon-hee, Yoo Jae-mi, Cho Ji-young, Choo Gyeong-yup, 2012)
- “Dear Dolphin” (Kang Jin-ah, 2013)
- “December” (Park Jeong-hoon, 2012)
- “Grandma - Cement Garden” (Kim Ji-hon, 2012)
- “Groggy Summer” (Yoon Soo-ik, 2012)
- “Lebanon Emotion” (Jeong Young-hun, 2013)
- “My Place” (Park Moon-chil, 2013)
- “Secret Paradise, Youngmun” (Lee Hyonjong, 2013)

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