[News] Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye’s “Loved in the Purple” to Air on TVB Overseas Channels.


[News] Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye’s “Loved in the Purple” to Air on TVB Overseas Channels.
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Michelle Ye’s (葉璇) production studio teased fans with the releasing of some character posters and introductions for her upcoming romantic period drama, Loved in the Purple <紫釵奇緣>. The Tang Dynasty drama, a loose adaptation of the traditional Chinese opera The Purple Hairpin <紫釵記>, stars Raymond Lam (林峯), Cheng Cheng (程诚), Tammy Chen (陳怡蓉), and Michelle Ye herself.

The released photos include some never-before-seen set pictures, character posters, a synopsis of the story, character introductions, and an afterword introducing Michelle Ye, her production studio, and her other television drama works.

Loved in the Purple is the third television drama to be produced by Michelle Ye’s studio. Previous projects include The Ninth Widow <第九个寡妇> and Athena <雅典娜女神>, both of which have garnered notable popularity in mainland China.

TVB Purchases “Loved in the Purple” Overseas Broadcast Rights

After winning the crown in the 1999 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Michelle debuted as an actress in Hong Kong under TVB’s management. In 2005, at the height of her popularity and career, Michelle chose not to renew her TVB contract and left the station for a career in film. Michelle’s surprising and dramatic departure from her mother station led the media to speculate that she was not getting along with TVB management, a rumor Michelle debunked years later.

Loved in the Purple is arguably a product of Michelle’s goodwill relationship with TVB. Aside from casting popular TVB siu sang, Raymond Lam, as the male lead, Michelle also invited former TVB contracted actresses, Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹) and Elaine Jin (金燕玲), to star in supporting roles. Former TVB scriptwriter Ka Wai Nam (賈偉南), best known for his work in 1984’s The Duke of Mount Deer <鹿鼎記>, 1989’s Song Bird <天涯歌女>, 2009’s Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計>, and others, was hired to helm Loved in the Purple’sscreenplay.

TVB has also recently purchased the exclusive overseas broadcasting rights for Loved in the Purple. The station also hired Michelle and Raymond to dub their voices in the Cantonese version.

The Purple Hairpin, originally a tale written for Kunqu, was later popularized into a Cantonese opera by playwright Tang Ti Sheng (唐滌生) in the late 1950’s. Due to Loved in the Purple’s familiar source material, as well as the drama’s fast-paced editing, grand costumes, and familiar actors, the drama has attracted the interest of many Hong Kong viewers.

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