[Interview] Park Shin Hye, overwhelmed by the warm welcome from Filipino fans!

[Interview] Park Shin Hye, overwhelmed by the warm welcome from Filipino fans!
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The popular Korean actress, Park Shin Hye arrived early in Manila on the 15th of March at the NAIA airport and was warmly welcomed by her Filipino fans. She was seen smiling brightly for everyone present at the airport and sporting a casual wear fitting for the warm weather in the Philippines.

On the same day, she held the press conference and received applause and excited smiles from the press/media present. The press conference was hosted by Ms. Kring Elenzano. Park Shin Hye wowed everyone by coming in wearing a white dress and showing off her radiant beauty. She said that before the plane landed, she enjoyed seeing the view of the Philippines from above through the window of the plane and finds it very beautiful. She also loved the weather as it is a contrast to the cold weather in Korea.

Through the interview part, there were many interesting questions given. Read them below!

Q: How do you chose your drama projects?
A: First of all, I take into account the scenario then the character and wonder if I can show a new image through it.

Q: What’s your favorite character that you’ve portrayed before?
A: If I had to choose then it’s portraying Go Minam from “You’re Beautiful”.

Q: Among your leading men, whom have you been close friends to?
A: While I was shooting “You’re Beautiful” I became close to all the actors on set. I got close especially to Jung Yonghwa in “Heartstrings” because it’s already been the second time since we shoot a drama together.

Q: What are the characteristics of your ideal man?
A: Personally, I like sweet guys. Like someone who respect me as I am working.

Q: Out of all the characters you portrayed, which one can you relate to the most?
A: Most of the characters I portrayed reflect myself.

Q: Do you want to take part on roles you haven’t tried yet or do you want to go back to the roles you’ve portrayed before?
A: Every roles are different. If I have to challenge a new role then I’ll want an action one.

Q: What are your top 3 beauty secrets?
A: Firstly, I really like exercising especially when I’m stressed. Second is I really like all kinds of food. The last one is just washing my face. It’s very important.

Q: Is there any advise you’d like to give to any newbie in the entertainment industry?
A: Since I’m still young myself, I don’t think I’m in any position to give any advice. But as a friend, I’d like to tell them to not lose themselves.

Q: What is your impression of your Filipino fans?
A: Actually in the airport, I almost cried. I was really really touched because a lot of fans came to see me in the airport. They are shouting my name and even in Twitter they are mentioning me but I felt sad because I couldn’t reply to them all.

Q: Your fans are asking about your relationship with your Heartstrings’s co-star Jung Yonghwa. You mentioned that you guys got close. Do you still contact or meet each other?
A: We do contact each other but since we’re both busy we really can’t meet especially since Yonghwa is busy working with music.

Q: What is your favorite perfume?
A: I can’t really say any brand but it’s between floral and sporty.

Q: What is the most common misconceptions people have of you?
A: I don’t think I have any misconceptions since I’ve always been myself.

Park Shin Hye will be having her fanmeeting at the 16th of March, 6 PM at Star Theater, CCP Complex. There will be lucky fans who will get up on stage and get her autograph and it was announced that she will also be singing a Tagalog song, “Kailan” which further excites the fans. 

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