[Photo & News] Kim Hye-soo juggles 124 talents for God of the Workplace.

[Photo & News] Kim Hye-soo juggles 124 talents for God of the Workplace.
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Only a couple weeks till KBS’s God of the Workplace lifts its curtain, and from all the promo materials we’ve seen thus far, it looks like we can anticipate a light, upbeat workplace rom-com.

Kim Hye-soo in the lead as the frighteningly competent Ms. Kim possessor of a whopping 124 certificates and licenses.

Some of those come from in expected fields like word processing and office work, but her background is a whole lot more diverse than clerking work. It also explains some of the seemingly random stills we’ve seen, whether it’s of Kim dancing the salsa, piloting a helicopter, or bull-fighting.

So with all her myriad accomplishments, Ms. Kim is a mere contract employee, here on temporary terms.

Why bother coming to work at this ordinary office when she could be out there with her more exciting pursuits? What is Ms. Kim’s baggage or is she like a Mary Poppins for the salarymen set? Swoop in, fix things, swoop out with a song and a twirl?

Oh Ji-ho, meanwhile, takes the role opposite her as one of the higher-ups at the company, with a hot-headed temperament and rather childish mentality.

God of the Workplace will be KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama after Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek wraps.

That’s a show that’s gotten some faint praise, but hasn’t made much of a dent in the landscape with its dismal ratings in the 3% range.

Ouch. Surely God of the Workplace can improve upon that, right? The drama premieres April 1.

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