[Article] Five Fun Facts About Jo In Sung.

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[Article] Five Fun Facts About Jo In Sung.
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Actor Jo In Sung attracted a lot of attention for his recent appearance as Oh Soo, the conflicted gambler and con man in "That Winter, The Wind Blows."

But despite the sensation caused by his excellent acting and long lean good looks, many fans don't know a lot about him. Here are some facts to help fill out your knowledge.

1. He flunked out of acting school. Although he majored in performing arts at Chunnam Science College and Dongguk University, he was kicked out because of poor class attendance. He started his acting career by appearing in a daytime sitcom, "Nonstop 2."

2. One reason that many kdrama fans may not know him is that between 2005 and 2013, he did not do any drama work. In 2004, he starred with Ha Ji Won and So Ji Sub in "What Happened in Bali." This performance earned him a Best Actor Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards and trophies at the SBS Drama Awards, among them one for best kiss. In 2005, he appeared in Spring Days with Go Hyun Jung, but in between that drama and "That Winter The Wind Blows," he worked in film, appeared on variety shows, and served his two years of military service in the Air Force. The film he is best known for is "A Frozen Flower," in which he played Hong Rim, the king's military commander and the queen's lover. For the role, he learned martial arts, fencing and horseback riding.

3. When asked who his ideal girlfriend would be, he picked ice skater Yuna Kim. Why? She's tenacious. "There are times when I do not like my own acting and get mad at myself," said In Sung when he appeared on a recent talk show. "During those times, I bite my lip and still act, but when Yuna Kim falls while she skates, she just stands back up in the ring and does it again." So, remember, if you want to attract this actor's attention, never ever give up.

4. Jo In Sung cannot buy clothes off the rack. Because his legs are so much longer than average, all his clothes for "That Winter, The Wind Blows" had to be custom made.

5. As to how he spends his spare time, he likes to read, collects hats and plays basketball, which his 6' 2' frame could give him an advantage at. He also likes to watch TV especially "We Got Married."

After his great performance in "That Winter, The Wind Blows," kdrama fans will no doubt be hearing more about this talented actor.

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