[Article] The Girls that Lost the Chance to Be with Lee Ki Woo.

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[Article] The Girls that Lost the Chance to Be with Lee Ki Woo. 
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Love is in the air with another celebrity couple publicly declaring their love for all to see.

But before Lee Chung Ah said ‘Yes,’ Lee Ki Woo was quite possibly the unluckiest man ever, because he′s pretty much never gotten the girl since making his debut in 2009.

Watching Lee Ki Woo in dramas and movies always gave us the worst case of second-lead syndrome, because there are just too many girls who slipped out through his fingers.

But now that he is so in love with Lee Chung Ah, we want to highlight the ladies who lost their chance to be with the most perfect guy ever, standing at 190 centimeters, with a beautiful heart of gold.

Son Ye Jin

He might have eventually gotten married to her, but he never had Son Ye Jin’s heart in the movie Classic. They were forcibly destined for each other through an arranged marriage, and while Lee Ki Woo did like her in that special way, he gave her up and ended up becoming the bridge that linked her with his best friend.

Jung Da Bin

He was the sweet sunbae oppa who adored his friend’s younger sister, but the late Jung Da Bin had her eyes on the rough and rude bad boy, Song Seung Hun in the movie He Was Cool. Even though Lee Ki Woo took care of her with the utmost care, he was so oppa-zoned that it wasn’t even funny.

Shin Min Ah

He had her. She was his fiancée, but when there is no love, it just doesn’t stay together.

Shin Min Ah was forced into an engagement with Lee Ki Woo in KBS’ A Love to Kill after his rich family basically did everything to make her into a top actress.

But as perfect as he may be, Shin Min Ah falls for the bad boy, Rain, who’s actually tricking her to get revenge for a misunderstanding that he created on his own. Even so, Shin Min Ah falls for Rain, ditches Lee Ki Woo, and then returns to Lee Ki Woo, but not before she ditches him again.

Way to break his heart more than once.

Choi Ji Woo

Once again, Lee Ki Woo is the perfect man with a great job, but no luck with the ladies.

He pursued Choi Ji Woo, an aspiring actress in SBS’ A Star’s Lover, but his awesome resume was nothing compared to the beautiful words of Yoo Ji Tae, a poor ghostwriter, who writes his way into Mari’s heart.

History then repeats itself, and once again, Lee Ki Woo is left with all the money in the world, but no dream girl to share it with.

Lee Chung Ah

It was the drama where they met, but their love never unfolded, because Lee Chung Ah was too busy chasing after Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo) to pay attention to the Pillar in tvN’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

Although there were times she almost fell for Lee Ki Woo’s charms, Lee Chung Ah stayed firm on her feelings for Jung Il Woo, and sadly, Lee Ki Woo was left with no one at the end of the drama, except his giant milk carton.

But at least everything worked out in the end.

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