[Article] What does Hyun Bin have up his sleeves for Singapore fans?


[Article] What does Hyun Bin have up his sleeves for Singapore fans?
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The actor let us in on a few choice secrets on his upcoming Singapore fanmeeting.

The long-awaited return of Korean actor’s Hyun Bin from mandatory military service ended in December last year, with fans and the heart-throb alike shedding tears at his discharge. As part of his comeback projects, the 30-year-old has embarked on an Asia fanmeeting tour to greet his fans, including our little red dot as part of his plans.

Speaking to xinmsn through an email interview, Hyun Bin expressed his excitement at visiting our sunny shores once again. Although the seasoned actor is no stranger to performing, he admitted to feeling “a little bit nervous” about his upcoming fanmeeting. He shared that he made a personal decision to have a Hi-5 session with 1,000 lucky fans after his fanmeeting – a decision that ought to have fans scrambling to snap up tickets.

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With this being his maiden fanmeeting in Singapore, we asked what he had up his sleeves for the local fans. “After my LA filming trip, I spent most of my time preparing for the Asia tour… practicing singing and also pantomime.” Probing further, he only revealed that he will be singing his much-loved OST track from hit drama Secret Garden and also taking on the challenge of doing a laser dance number but declined to elaborate, declaring, “The rest of the programme is a secret for now.”

Having just returned from serving for almost two years in the Marine Corps, many would think that Hyun Bin would have advice for celebrities serving or about to serve in the army. The superstar displayed his remarkable humility and shared, “I don't think that I'm in any position to give advice but if there are fans who have forgotten about you, tell yourself that it will be alright if you work harder after the two years and let them remember you again.”

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Admitting that he feels the heat from younger actors who have emerged during the time he was away, he shared that he “learned a lot from the other actors’ skills and (that makes me) stay on my toes.”

Going through the army proved to be a life-changing experience for Hyun Bin, who famously shed tears on the day of his discharge and confessed that he “wanted to act so badly” and that he would “show all the acting (that) I’ve wanted to do”. The actor shared that he has been earnestly looking at scripts to “prepare for my comeback project (which is) likely to be a movie.”

The actor explained, “For movies, preparation times are longer and I can pace my acting better and hence it's a better choice for a comeback project.” As to what his much-anticipated comeback will be, he shared, “I'm still not sure what kind of comeback project it will be. I'll be deciding on the movie soon. The genre is still not decided. I hope that it will be a project with a charismatic character and one where I can show many different sides of me.”

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