[News] 31-year old actresses.

[News] 31-year old actresses.
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Son Ye-jin leads in "The Accomplice" and "Shark" at the same time
Kim Min-hee succeeds in "Very Ordinary Couple"
Thirty-one year old actresses are 'it' right now.

Son Ye-jin, Kim Min-hee, Kim Ah-joong, Lee Min-jeong and others who are currently very active in movies and dramas all happen to be born in 1982. Although some may say they are not as active as some actors these days, these actresses have been quite busy.

Son Ye-jin is clearly one of them. She's getting serious this spring. She will transform her mellow image this May in KBS 2TV drama "Shark" as a passionate prosecutor. She is also a daughter who suspects her father of a crime in the thriller movie "The Accomplice".

Kim Min-hee is busy trying out everything. She left a strong impression in the movie "Helpless" last year and is proving her existence with "Very Ordinary Couple". She says, "There is something I can express the best at this age. I want to attempt in many things".

Kim Ah-joong was successful with "My P.S Partner" and is getting ready for another romantic comedy called, "Only You - 2013". Lee Min-jeong is coming back with the SBS drama "Everything About My Relationship".

They are all talented stars. Their confidence and possibilities come from the long term experience in this field of over ten years. They have experienced a lot during that time and that allows them many choices to choose from.

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