[News] Lee Mi-suk and Lee Young-ae sued for defamation.

[News] Lee Mi-suk and Lee Young-ae sued for defamation.
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Actress Lee Mi-suk and Lee Young-ae have both been sued.

Lee Mi-suk's former agency director 'A' sued Lee for defamation earlier this month. 'A' claimed that Lee brought out the Jang Ja-yeon's case to cover up her breach of contract. 'A' also sued her for slandering his publication and rights when she claimed last year that her agency had brought down her reputation.

Lee Young-ae was sued by a Kimchi manufacturing company which claimed that Lee Young-ae defamed the name of the company by claiming that she had given them no right to use her pictures and copyright for their products. Lee Young-ae had brought this problem up in 2011.

Lee Young-ae's agency claims, "This issue was a fraud by a third person and has nothing to do with Lee Young-ae".

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