[News] Kim Myung Min to Star in ′Himalayas′ as Um Hong Gil.

[News] Kim Myung Min to Star in ′Himalayas′ as Um Hong Gil.
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Kim Myung Min will be returning to the big screen again as Um Hong Gil, the famed mountain climber.

According to officials on April 3, Kim Myung Min confirmed he would appear in the film Himalayas (tentative title).

It will be his first film in six months following Spy.

Himalayas will be based on a true story about how Um Hong Gil climbed Mount Everest in order to collect the body of his junior, the late Park Moo Taek, in 2005.

His determination to find his friend had drawn great attention and praise at the time, even bringing his team to be dubbed the ′Humane Expedition′.

Kim Myung Min will be playing Um Hong Gil himself.

A source close to Kim Myung Min commented, "He has decided on Himalayas as his next piece. We expect it to be a great film as it is based on a touching true story."

JK Film, which previously released such hits as Haeundae, Dancing Queen and Quick, will be producing the film, with director Kang Dae Gyu of Harmony in the lead.

Producers will actually be visiting Nepal in order to catch its grand snowy mountains on film.

Filming will start in October with a premiere planned for 2014.

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