[News] Kim So Eun’s First Love Was Won Bin.

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[News] Kim So Eun’s First Love Was Won Bin.  
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Actress Kim So Eun from MBC’s drama “Horse Doctor” and “Boys Over Flowers” recently sat down for an interview with dongA.com and opened up about her lasting crush on actor Won Bin.

She began, “I can’t believe how the years have flown by. Although I’ve been acting for nearly 9 years, I’m still in my early twenties. Everything still feels new and fresh (Laugh).”

When asked about the actor or actress she liked most, she confessed, “I’ve been a fan of Won Bin’s since I was in elementary school. I would say that Won Bin is my first love. If I was to ever meet him in real life, I think I’d be too shy to even stand next to him that I’d run away or something. My ideal type would be someone who is considerate and has great communication skills.”


Kim So Eun also rated her acting at a modest score of 77 percent and explained, “I would give myself 77 percent because… my luck has been 77 percent (laugh). In reality, my personality is on the quiet and reserved side so it’s not exactly easy for me to play these lively and outgoing roles that I often land. I have to try very hard to be able to express these characters convincingly.”

She also went on to reveal the criteria she uses to judge prospective projects saying, “I always study the character very carefully. I want to try out diverse roles.”

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