[News] Kim Woo Bin Used to Lie that IU was His BFF.

[News] Kim Woo Bin Used to Lie that IU was His BFF. 
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If you thought IU and Kim Woo Bin were good friends, think again, because it’s all a lie.

In a recent recording of SBS’ Incarnation, Kim Woo Bin appeared as a guest, where he confessed that he went around saying he was best friends with IU.

“I have a little cousin who thinks that because I’m a celebrity, I’m friends with all celebrities,” explained Kim Woo Bin. “I asked who my cousin’s favorite celebrity was and the answer was IU, so I changed my friend’s name on my contact list to IU.”

When Kim Woo Bin’s cousin didn’t believe that he sometimes eats food with IU, Kim Woo Bin took out his phone and showed IU’s name. “My cousin’s eyes got so round after seeing the number.”

Unfortunately for the cousin, Kim Woo Bin admitted on the show that he’s never even talked to IU and it’s become a big worry since his cousin adamantly believes he′s friends with IU.

The episode will broadcast on April 2.

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