[News] Lee Byung Hun Poses in LA in Front of “Storm Shadow” Poster.

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[News] Lee Byung Hun Poses in LA in Front of “Storm Shadow” Poster.
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Actor Lee Byung Hun proudly poses in front of a big poster of his character of movie “G.I Joe 2.”

Recently, the actor's agency, BH Entertainment revealed a picture of the actor in LA, happily posing in front of a poster of him.

In the picture, Lee Byung Hun in in sunny LA, wearing a denim short, sung glasses, and a big and proud smile, in front of the building, with the posters of Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Storm Shadow a placed next to each other.

The big poster is located in the building located next to the Staples Center in LA, a renown performance center, where many important events, like the Grammys, and concerts of big names, take place.

“G.I Joe Retaliation” premiere on the US on March 28th, and was a complete success topping the box office for the three days, and grossing $132,007,000 worldwide as of April 1st. The film also topped the Korean box office, selling 830,048 tickets in total.

In the movie, the actor plays the role of Storm Shadow, who was framed by Zartan, who murdered the Hard Master, and blamed Storm Shadow. He and the rest of the G.I Joes took revenge on Zartan.

Meanwhile, the actor continues with the promotion of the movie, and he has already visited countries like England, Australia, and of course South Korea.

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