[Article] History's Queen Inwon of the Gyeongju Kim clan in "Dong Yi".

[Article] History's Queen Inwon of the Gyeongju Kim clan in "Dong Yi".
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Queen Inwon (1687–1757), Born in 1687, on the twenty-ninth day of the ninth month in the thirteenth year of the reign of King Sukjong, the future Queen Inwon was the second daughter of Kim Joo-shin (Hangul: 김주신, Hanja: 金柱臣) and Lady Jo of the Imcheon Jo clan (Hangul: 임천 조씨, Hanja: 林川 趙氏),.[4] She was a twenty-seventh-generation descendant of King Gyeongsun of Silla.

She had two brothers, Kim Huyeon (Hangul: 김후연, Hanja: 金後衍) and Kim Guyeon (Hangul: 김구연, Hanja: 金九衍), one older sister who married Mayor Lee Deoklin (Hangul: 시장이덕린, Hanja: 郡守李德隣), and one younger sister who married Yun Myeon-gyo (Hangul: 윤면교, Hanja: 尹勉教). She married King Sukjong in 1702 as his third Queen Consort,[5] following the death of Queen Inhyeon and the execution of Jang hui-bin in 1701. She came down with smallpox in 1711, but survived. Following King Sukjong's death in 1720, she became Queen Dowager (大妃 대비 daebi).

Following the death of her stepson, King Gyeongjong, and the accession of her other (and favorite) stepson, King Yeongjo, in 1724, she became Grand Queen Dowager (大王大妃 대왕대비 daewangdaebi). She died on the twenty-sixth day of the third month in the thirty-third year of the reign of King Yeongjo (1757) at Changdeok Palace, aged 70. She was buried in Gyeonggi Province, near the tombs of King Sukjong and his second Queen Consort, Queen Inhyeon.

She was given the posthumous title "Queen Inwon, Hyesun Jagyeong Heonryeol Gwangseon Hyeonik Kangseong Jeongdeok Suchang Yeongbok Yunghwa Hwijeong Jeongwoon Jeongui Jangmok Inwon Wanghu" (혜순자경헌렬광선현익강성정덕수창영복융화휘정정운정의장목인원왕후 / 惠順慈敬獻烈光宣顯翼康聖貞德壽昌永福隆化徽精正運定懿章穆仁元王后).

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