[News] Jeremy Liu opts out of the Golden Melody Awards.

[News] Jeremy Liu opts out of the Golden Melody Awards.
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Last year in July, Jeremy Liu released the album, “Touched”, and his single, “Thinking of You”, immediately became an internet sensation with his intentional flat vocals accompanied with a retro style MV. After Golden Melody unveiled its list of nominees, some expressed that it was a pity that Jeremy’s album was not nominated.

However, Jeremy’s dad, Liu Jia-Chang, revealed that he did not allow the record company to send a GMA application for the album because he was afraid of his son feeling hurt. Nonetheless, he wanted to thank those who supported the album.

Although Jeremy’s “Thinking of You” received harsh criticisms and was an easy target for parody, his popularity rose ten-folds. As a result, Jeremy received many invitations to appear on variety shows, concerts, and movies. However, due to his inexperience in showbiz, he mainly participated in performing at various school mini-concerts and New Year countdown shows, while the rest were turned down. He was also originally supposed to appear in the Hong Kong Chinese New Year movie, “All’s Well, End’s Well 2012”, but because the movie had no script, Jeremy was too nervous to act in it.

Jeremy is currently making his third album. This time, he will have full control over it and all the tracks will be of his work.

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