[News] Park Se-young in "Sweet Springs".

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[News] Park Se-young in "Sweet Springs".
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Park Se-young has been cast for "Sweet Springs".

According to Salt Entertainment, Park Se-young has been chosen as the leading role of KBS 1TV drama "Sweet Springs".

"Sweet Springs" is about the reunion and conflict the main actress goes through when she meets her real mother. Park Se-young takes on the role of bright and positive Choi Se-young.

She said, "I feel nervous and it's pressuring but she has the same name as me and I am the third daughter out of three so I feel it's meant to be. I am confident I can express myself way better through this character".

Meanwhile, Park Se-young's co-actor is Yoo Gun who is coming back with the drama for the first time since his discharge from the military. "Sweet Springs" will be aired on the 29th of April.

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