[News] Show Luo wishes to work with Stephen Chow again.


[News] Show Luo wishes to work with Stephen Chow again.
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The Taiwanese singer-actor hopes for a sequel to Journey to the West and looks forward to working with Stephen Chow again.

Show Luo hopes that there will be a sequel to Journey to the West and he looks forward to working with Director Stephen Chow again.

The Taiwanese singer-actor guest starred in Director Stephen Chow’s latest movie Journey to the West, which has reportedly done well in box office sales.


While attending a fashion event last week, Show told reporters that he was shocked when Stephen cast him in the movie.

Show plays the role of a “weak gentleman” in Journey to the West. He added that that the role was specially designed for him by Stephen, making him feel extremely honoured. Show also joked that his dark eye circles suit the role very much.


Speculations abound that Show will be acting in a new martial art series adapted from the famous Chinese novel The Little Li Flying Dagger by Gu Long.

Dismissing the rumours, the 33-year-old said, “I will be focusing on my world tour and new album this year.”

However, he expressed his wish for a sequel to Journey to the West. When asked which director he wants to work with the most, Show said, “Number one is Stephen Chow, number two is also Stephen Chow, number three is still Stephen Chow.”

He added that he does not mind taking up minor roles in Director Stephen’s movies.

“Every character in Stephen’s movie is unique, regardless of whether it’s a minor or major role,” he explained.



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