[Photo & News] Ella Chen, Alvin Lai's Traditional Engagement Ceremony.

[Photo & News] Ella Chen, Alvin Lai's Traditional Engagement Ceremony.
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PINGTUNG, TAIWAN: Taiwan pop trio S.H.E.'s Ella Chen got engaged to her Malaysian husband-to-be Alvin Lai, in a traditional engagement ceremony at her hometown of Pingtung in southern Taiwan on Sunday.

Dressed in a bright red qipao (a figure-hugging Chinese dress), Chen met up with Lai and paid their respects to one another's parents at the Chen family home, before the pair exchanged engagement rings.

"My groom is handsome and sweet, handsome and virtuous.

"I will never be scorned by you, and will love you for 10,000 years!" Chen said to Lai, her playful Mandarin rhyme eliciting laughter from the media and the other guests at the ceremony.

After a few more traditional rituals, Chen then departed for her engagement dinner in an intricately decorated sedan chair, amidst much fanfare and blaring festive music.

She swapped her red qipao for a light blue evening gown to see off her dinner guests later that night.

Chen's group mates Selina Jen and Hebe Tien did not attend her engagement ceremony but have promised that they will turn up for her wedding dinner in Taipei on May 5.

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