[News] Mark Chao admits to relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan.

[News] Mark Chao admits to relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan.
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The couple finally put rumours to rest when Mark addressed the media yesterday. Yes, he is dating Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan, Taiwanese actor Mark Chao admitted at a press conference yesterday.

Mark, 27, and Yuan Yuan who is 32, have been rumoured to be dating since they worked on the set of Search last year. It is believed that the couple kept their relationship a secret due to their age difference. The couple was spotted on a date earlier this month in Nanjing where Mark was filming his new movie.

Yuan Yuan attended the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards on Apr 15 which was her first public appearance after her relationship with Mark came to light. The actress was paired with Shawn Yue as prize presenters and was teased by Shawn for two-timing him, hinting at her relationship with Mark. Yuan Yuan was left speechless and raised both hands in surrender before cueing the nomination videos.

Meanwhile, Mark was in Beijing yesterday for the launch of his movie Black & White. He praised the actress, "Yuan Yuan is a very nice girl, and I want to cherish her. I hope that everyone would help me protect her and not hurt her".

The actor then tried to stop further questions about his personal life by talking about his new movie. He expressed that he was cured of his phobia for heights after filming Black & White. The media took the chance to ask if it was because of his relationship with Yuan Yuan as her surname and the word "height" is of the same Chinese character. The actor laughed, "I like this question, but I will not comment on it."

Mark added that initially he did not want to talk about his relationship at the press conference as it would take away focus from the movie. However, he decided to address the matter so that the media would stop speculating on their relationship.

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