[News] Ratings for Rainie Yang and Show Luo’s mini web-series hit the roof.

[News] Ratings for Rainie Yang and Show Luo’s mini web-series hit the roof.
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The singers worked together in an online drama called ‘Hearbeat Love’ which saw Rainie baring her back in a scene. Show Luo and Rainie Yang's online drama Heartbeat Love is off to a great start with over 3mil views on its first day when it debuted last week.

To commemorate the show's good ratings, a celebration party was held yesterday, and the thirty-three-year-old singer exclaimed that he is glad that Rainie "did not strip for nothing".

He humbly accounted the success of the drama to Rainie's sacrifice on the show, which saw the 27-year-old baring her back in a scene. When Show teased his good friend, Rainie, for her good skin, the singer-actress exclaimed in reply, "You've seen my topless front and back and even hugged my legs [in this show]. You would have to marry me if we were back in the olden days!"

Following the success of the first episode, both Show and Rainie revealed that the second episode, which will be available today, will be equally exciting as Show's character will be at the mercy of Rainie's.

Prior to the filming of this scene, Rainie ensured Show that she will pull no punches for it to be a "one-shot success" and eventually gave him "three merciless slaps" upon the director's request to capture the scene via different camera angles.

To achieve the right amount of dramatic tension, Show, who has neve been slapped by a girl in his whole life, even instilled a "three nos" policy for this scene - no body double, no fake kiss, and no mercy - for the slaps.

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