[News] “The Korea Times” Writes “Hallyu, Korean Wave, Will Not Last 5 Years”

[News] “The Korea Times” Writes “Hallyu, Korean Wave, Will Not Last 5 Years” .
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 “The Korea Times” wrote an interesting article about foreigners and their perspective on “Hallyu.” The article described a survey held about by the “Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism” and the “Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange” (KOFICE). The survey asked 3,600 people from countries including China, Japan, Thailand, the U.S., and France their thoughts on Hallyu’s continued success.

60% of the 3,600 individuals that responded, stated that the “fad for Korean culture – K-Pop, movies, and TV dramas and soap operas – will decline over the next few years.” What is the reason for this belief? According to “20.5 percent of respondents” the reason is that they are “tired of standardized content.” Then the article states the repetitive nature of K-Pop and the revisited topics in Korean dramas.

How experts believe that “Hallyu” needs a makeover, and needs to begin selling unique stories. (This is where Jbarky’s rant begins, read on if you don’t mind an opinionated article) Basically, I agreed with this article until the end where the article states that the “Harry Potter” series is an example of “how powerful new stories can be.” Wait, what? Isn’t the boy with special powers, coming-of-age story a constantly “revisited topic” in Sci-Fi/Fantasy? (Star Wars) Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the “Harry Potter” series and thought it was ingenious because of the way it played with commonly visited mythical themes, not because it was completely original.

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