[News] Jang Dong Gun’s neat penmanship gets noticed on ‘Gentlemen’s Class’.

[News] Jang Dong Gun’s neat penmanship gets noticed on ‘Gentlemen’s Class’.
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Jang Dong Gun has been getting noticed lately for his penmanship.

His writing was revealed on June 24th’s airing of SBS drama ’Gentlemen’s Class‘.

Jang Dong Gun’s character Kim Do Jin showed a message to Seo Yi Soo (played by Kim Haneul) through a cafe window that read, “The person I had a previous appointment with today is Seo Yi Soo.” Yi Soo responded to his note by kissing the window. Besides the “window kiss”, what caught the eyes of viewers was Jang Dong Gun’s neat penmanship.

His handwriting was noticed before this drama in messages he wrote alongside autographs for his fans as well.

Fans commented on his neat penmanship, “I like his writing style,” “You could turn his writing into a font,” and “Jang Dong Gun isn’t lacking in anything.”

On another note, the tenth episode of ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ obtained a high viewership rating of 20.3% and is continuing to show success.

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