[News] Ko Soo may star in Ji Jin-hee's historical TV series.

[News] Ko Soo may star in Ji Jin-hee's historical TV series.
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Korean actor Ko Soo may be joining Ji Jin-hee to play in an historical series, making his return to the small screen in almost three years.

"'Daepungsoo' (in Romanized Korean) is one of the projects that Ko Soo is eyeing positively, but we have yet to make the final decision," an official with his agency, BH Entertainment, told 10Asia in a phone interview on Tuesday.

The rep added that Ko Soo is reviewing other projects as well-- dramas and movies--to mark his comeback after last starring in TV series "Will It Snow For Christmas?" (SBS, 2009).

If Ko, who is currently shooting romance picture "Banchanggo" (in Romanized Korean) alongside actress Han Hyo-joo, decides to sign on "Daepungsoo," it will be his first historical series and since making his debut in the entertainment business in 1998.

"Daepungsoo," set to air in October, is a fictional biopic that will tell the story of King Yi Seong-gye (Ji), one of the most important historical figures in the history of the Korean peninsula.

Ko Soo's most notable works include TV series "Piano" (SBS, 2001) and "Will it Snow for Christmas?" (SBS, 2009) and films "White Night" (2009), "Haunters" (2010) and "Frontline" (2011).

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