[News] Lee Dong-wook looks good in white shirt.

[News] Lee Dong-wook looks good in white shirt.
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Actor Lee Dong-wook looks attractive once again.

While he is the rising entertainment star for his performance in the SBS TV program "Kang Heart", he's done an ad for Richam and revealed 4 different pictures of himself never seen before.

In the picture, Lee is smiling brightly with faint eyes. He is banging the table with his chopsticks like a little would, asking his mommy for dinner. In another picture where he has his legs up supported by his hands, he looks cute all the way down to his feet.

Netizen's say, "A man who looks good in a white shirt is good for any girl", "We can see his tummy even if the shirt is loose", "I want to cook for him" and more.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook is hosting the TV program "Kang Heart" so fluently he has good potentials to be a good entertainment MC.

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