[News] Lee Sun-kyun to play doctor in new TV series to mark "Golden Time" of his life.

[News] Lee Sun-kyun to play doctor in new TV series to mark "Golden Time" of his life.
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Actor Lee Sun-kyun is enjoying a varied career on screen, and Lee said he is going to wear a white coat for the second time in his acting career.

Ahead of "Golden Time" meets the viewers on July 9,after MBC's current series "Light and Shadow" ends its run, the "Pasta" chef said this is the golden time of his life and he is happy that he is doing what he likes as an actor.

"The 'golden time' of my life is now......Actors feel the happiest when they are acting," Lee was quoted as saying in a press release sent by MBC on Wednesday.

While this is the Korean actor's second time to star in a medical show after "White Tower” (MBC, 2007), it is also the second time for him to team up with director Kwon Seok-jang of "Pasta" (MBC, 2010).

"I had an incredible amount of trust in Kwon Seok-jang who had worked with me in 'Pasta.' Because he's well known for having good communication skills, I'd been waiting for his call when I heard that he's up for a new project," the actor said, explaining what motivated him to sign up for the drama.

"The script is intense and I was drawn into the character in the show so I've decided to join the cast."

"Golden Time" will pivot around doctors performing major surgeries in a general hospital. Lee will play a surgeon with an outspoken personality and Hwang is set to play the heiress of the hospital.

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