[News] MBC's new TV series "May Queen" reveals snippet of Han Ji-hye, Jae-hee.

[News] MBC's new TV series "May Queen" reveals snippet of Han Ji-hye, Jae-hee.
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MBC'S new TV series starring actress Han Ji-hye and actor Jae-hee has unveiled the finalized title and its air date.

Han and Jae-hee's "May Queen" has been set to air every weekend on MBC starting August, the show's promoter, Red Medicine, announced through a press release today.

The show was originally ready to go on air after "Supper of the Gods," which wrapped up its run in late May. However, due to the broadcaster's labor union going on strike, the series has been postponed to air as the follow-up show to "Dr. Jin," which hit the airwaves on May 26.

The 32-part series will feature child actors Kim You-jung, Park Ji-bin and Park Kun-tae and co-star veterans Lee Deok-hwa, Yang Mi-kyung and Ahn Nae-sang.

With director Baek Ho-min and scriptwriter Son Young-mok behind the screen, "May Queen" will focus on the success stories of people working in the shipbuilding industry.

Han made her debut as a supermodel in 2001 and has since appeared in many dramas such as “Summer Scent (2003),” “Sweet 18 (2004),” and “East of Eden (2008)" and films “My Boyfriend in Type B (2005)” and “Blades of Blood (2010)”

Her last small screen role was in MBC's historical series "The Duo" opposite actors Chun Jung-myung and Lee Sang-yoon. She also has also appeared in SBS' two-part special drama "Dangerous Gift" (translated title).

Jae-hee, whose real name is Lee Hyun-kyun, gained fame after starring in the campus drama "School" (KBS2, 2000) but is best known for his role as Lee Mong-ryong in the hit TV series "Delightful Girl Choon-hyang" (KBS2, 2005).

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