[News] Who is going to get Show Luo and Elva Hsiao's contracts?

[News] Who is going to get Show Luo and Elva Hsiao's contracts?
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Taiwan Gold Typhoon Entertainment's management shakeup sees a potential of them losing the two money-making singers

Taiwan Gold Typhoon Entertainment's sudden decision to replace their general manager might cause the company to lose their biggest cash cows, Show Luo and Elva Hsiao.

On Saturday, Gold Typhoon's general manager was ousted from her position. Despite the internal struggles, the company drew up a lucrative contract for Show and Elva, both who had brought in more than NT$500mil (S$21.43 mil) each for the company every year.

Other than Gold Typhoon, three other record companies are keen on signing up the two singers.

With regards to the singers' contracts, Elva and Show's manager, Jiang Cheng Jin, expressed on Sunday that they planned to "wait until Gold Typhoon announce their new general manager before making a decision."

Gold Typhoon sees a potential in losing another one of their best singers as Taiwan superstar A-Mei has yet to express any interest in renewing her contract which is coming to an end soon.

In other related news, Taiwanese singer Angela Chang, who was speculated to be signing on to Wonderful Music, might end up inking a deal with rival company B'in Music instead.

Wonderful Music's CEO expressed that the company is in touch with Angela and is keen to promote the 30-year-old after seeing her potential.

However, it was rumoured that B'in Music had approached several lyricists to work on lyrics of six new songs for the singer. Angela's sister had reportedly confirmed the rumour but B'in Music's management has denied any deal with the singer.

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