[Photo & News] Vic Zhou celebrates his birthday with Reen Yu.

[Photo & News] Vic Zhou celebrates his birthday with Reen Yu.
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Taiwanese actor Vic Zhou is speculated to be dating hisBlack & White co-star Reen Yu and they had reportedly celebrated the actor's 31st birthday together.

Rumours of the pair dating first surfaced in April, but both have denied the claims. Reen, 24, had boasted about her boyfriend on the set of her new drama and claimed that her other half "drives a Lamborghini, is a 30-year-old entertainer and a Gemini," leading to speculations that she was referring to Vic.

Last Sunday, a day after Vic's birthday, he was spotted leaving his house with the actress and they were both dressed casually. The pair then took a taxi to a foot massage centre together where they stayed for about two hours before returning to the actor's place.

Responding to the rumours, Vic's manager expressed that the management "will not make any explanations or comments in matters that do not concern work." However, she added that going to foot massage together is "very common among friends, and dressing casually meant nothing."

Reen's management expressed that the actress was only "introducing a masseur to Vic" and stressed that the pair are "just friends."

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