[News] Hwanhee's movie to open in local theaters next month.

[News] Hwanhee's movie to open in local theaters next month.
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A movie starring Korean singer-actor Hwanhee, who is currently serving his mandatory two-year military service, will make its way to local theaters next month.

His agency H-entercom announced in a press release Friday that Hwanhee's debut feature film titled, "Star: A Shining Love," will make its premiere in the country on October 11.

The movie is helmed by Han Sang-hee of "First Snow" and also stars Kang Yo-hwan, Kim Soo-yeon and Song Jae-hee. It tells the story of a star singer named Romi (Hwanhee) as he comes to realize various aspects of friendship, music and love.

This was Hwanhee's last work before enlisting into the military last October, while most of the shooting for the film took place near the Ishigaki Island near Okinawa, Japan.

Born Hwang Yoon-suk, Hwanhee made his debut in R&B duo Fly to the Sky with member Brian who have released numerous albums with hit songs.

Hwanhee then began on his solo career in 2009 and branched out into acting with roles in MBC's "Over the Rainbow" and SBS' "I Love You."

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