[News] Sino-Japan Relations Worsen - Tony Leung Suffers Backlash.

[News] Sino-Japan Relations Worsen - Tony Leung Suffers Backlash.
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After announcing his role in the new movie 1905 by Japanese director Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Tony Leung has been receiving backlash from netizens for taking part in the project. The movie will start filming in Japan in November and is expected to complete filming by January. The film is scheduled for release in the fall of next year. However, with the ongoing tension between Japan and China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, many people have expressed their disappointment in Tony over his participation in the movie.

Many netizens have laid the blame on Tony: "First he doesn't lack money. Secondly he doesn't lack good scripts. What he lacks is a backbone and his patriotic pride. It's really disappointing." Another netizen left a message, "Announcing this project at such a sensitive time? Do you know what you're doing?" Others have urged Tony to follow Li Bing Bing's example [by declining to promote her film in Japan].

While Tony hasn't posted any new messages on Weibo, there has been thousands of comments discussing the issue. Many netizens have voiced their support for him, saying that the film has been in talks for a while and it just so happens the production is starting at this time. They don't think people should place the blame on Tony.

Meanwhile, Mainland singer Sun Nan was suppose to attend a concert for the '40th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations Between Japan and China'. However, yesterday it was announced that he has cancelled his plans to visit Japan. Sun Nan is the latest celebrity to withdraw his activities in Japan following Li Bing Bing. Their actions seem to show their dissatisfaction with how Japan has been handling the dispute.

As for the concert happening this month on the 25th at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, it has been postponed indefinitely. The concert was originally meant to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sino-Japan diplomatic relations and Japanese singer Tanimura Shinji was scheduled to perform at the event. According to his management company, they have already been in contact with the event organizers. There is currently no date in mind to reschedule the concert.

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